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RK2023 - 10% off | Minimum Order - Rs. 500

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Ordering food online sitting at the comfort of your rail seat can be an exciting indulgence. We provide a plethora of options for our esteemed customers. They can make the selection as per their choice and budget. To give them a wider perspective, we keep introducing offers which acts lighter on their pockets. The taste and quality of food remains intact.

We have recently ventured in the field of food delivery in Indian rail but have received immense love and appreciation of the customers. The passengers either have little or no choice on board because the train pantry has limited food and variety. Moreover, the quality of food is deteriorated over the years. The platforms in which the train stops also fails to satisfy their taste buds. But we are here to present the rail travellers with a wide range of options.

Whether they prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisine; we are always there to cater to their individualistic needs. We operate from 7 in the morning to 10 at night every day. This gives us the privilege and the opportunity to serve the clients in a unique and satisfactory manner.

The professional team employed in our company are working in teams to make eating experience a memorable one for the passengers. Hence they keep designing deals and attractive offers which can be lucrative enough to attract the attention of the travellers. We keep developing deals and offers on special days like Friendship Day, Independence Day, etc. to keep the customers engaged and looking forward to tasting mouth-watering dishes from our widespread menu.

We have been offering the best services to the passengers just to ensure that they feel wanted. This is the main reason behind the designing of offers with coupon codes. It makes it easier for us to serve them in a better format.

The process is very simple. The passengers can simply select the food of their choice and place an order with the help of their PNR. We will process the order. We have associated with varied restaurants across the country so that we can serve our customers with complete ease and confidence.

The order will be processed and with the help of GPS tracking system; we will track the real –time location of the train. This will give the delivery person the status of the train where the food is to be delivered. Hence the person will reach the station selected by the user and the food will be delivered at the seat. We can easily cater to the requirements of a single person or a group enquiry. For us, all the customers are equal and we value the feedback of every passenger.

We aim to make travelling comfortable for the passengers. Food is one of the main elements which can make the journey comfortable and enjoyable. Hence we look forward to serving the customers with a broad smile to make their travel event an enjoyable and memorable one.

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